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Each Child is a whole world that cannot be meshed into one larger stereotype. The early childhood years are gold, a treasure not to be overlooked. These little treasure chests are truly like sponges just waiting to absorb from the world around them.

We, at Gan Chabad, are the guardians of the "gold". Gan Chabad provides a loving, warm, and exciting environment that nurtures our precious treasures. There is a sense of pride in each child not only in who he/she is but also as a part of a people. They learn and live and love their heritage. The care and yes, love the teachers show the children and the love they receive in return goes a long way in insuring a special pre-school experience. Come and visit us. We think that you'll see for yourself how wonderful it is to be a part of Gan Chabad!

To request a school tour or for more information please call the office:

310.271.6193 ext 112